Purple Reign Campaign

The Purple Reign Campaign Mission:

Seattle costumed crime-fighter Purple Reign turns domestic violence activist with the launch of the Washington State recognized nonprofit, The Purple Reign Campaign. This campaign rallies people worldwide to be heroes and take a stand against domestic abuse. With partner Phoenix Jones, Purple also aims to give strength and resources to victims of domestic violence who have not yet found the freedom to express themselves.

As a survivor of domestic violence, Purple Reign has a unique perspective: “I use my ’superhero persona’ to raise awareness about this cause. It is my dream to inspire victims and to give them the resources and strength to transform into survivors as a hero once did for me. I also want to inspire regular people that they can be a hero and STOP minding their own business by getting involved when they see abuse.”

The Purple Reign Campaign is the first and largest of its kind among costumed activists to raise awareness and funds for victims of domestic violence.

Through donationsmerchandise salespersonal survival storiescomic book art, education and events such as the Healing Reign Music Benefit & Auction, regular community members are becoming heroes as they help save the lives of victims, transforming them into survivors.

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